A Family Heritage


A hard working man, whose passion has always been crafting steel. A dedicated father who passed his know how to his six children over the years. A loving husband who crafted eternal flowers to his beloved wife.

Main De Fer is a family business established in Beirut in 1957; it has ever-since been bringing ideas to life whether for an outdoor or indoor project. We work on your designs with care and passion so every accessory we handcraft for you stands out.

What do WE do


A flower symbolizing everlasting love

Crafted in different shapes, this flower can complement an existing accessory or be part of a new idea


Architectural & Accessories

High quality and detail oriented work from small individual and personal accessories to architectural designs

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  • DIP 2, Dubai, UAE
  • +971 50 520 0516
  • sales@maindefer.me

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